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Window cleaning

Enjoy a clear view

Over 70 cleaning professionals serve you in: Helsinki • Espoo • Vantaa • Kauniainen • Kirkkonummi • Tampere • Turku

How much does window cleaning cost?

48,50 €/h

19,40 €/h after-tax deduction.

Professionally cleaned window for a brighter view.

We wash all glass surfaces in the home.

  • Window
  • Balcony glasses
  • Glass walls

Why washUP!

Spotlessly cleaned

Each of our employees is trained to clean to a high standard and down to the smallest detail. 

No extra charges

Price includes detergents, small cleaning equipment, and other costs.

5/5 stars in reviews

Nine out of ten customers find us through recommendations of others. A full five stars in Google reviews almost sounds too good, but that’s how much our customers say they like our service.

Get 60 % back from your home cleaning expenses.

When ordering a cleaning service for your home, you can get 60% back as a part of a household deduction (threshold 100 euros). 

The household deduction is intended to help taxpayers to reduce their taxable income and to lower their tax liability while allowing cleaners to earn more. 

With us, you can receive a yearly tax summary of your cleanings.

Get to know our customers' experiences.

Sari Iivonen

“The windows are cleaned very carefully and the staff are polite and always on time.”

Minna Kettunen-Enberg

“Excellent customer service and cleaning! I highly recommend”


“Not in 20 years have there been such good window cleaners! They cleaned up after themselves too”

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