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A five-star cleaning experience

Are you tired of cleaning after the cleaner? Or do you worry about letting a different person into your place each time? It is time to revolutionize your view of cleaning services. 

When you step into a home cleaned by us, you will immediately sense the difference. Fresh air and a space cleaned down to the smallest detail greets you. The same and reliable professional will make your home sparkle incredibly – and we ensure it with a satisfaction guarantee.

Small details make a big difference

We aim to clean better than anyone else and to offer top quality at a competitive price. To exceed your expectations in both cleanliness and service, we invest in training our cleaners for up to a month. In our detail-oriented training program, we teach cleaning secrets – from ergonomic techniques to the correct waste sorting. As a result, you get to enjoy quality cleanliness repeatedly. 

Our cleaning team

At WashUP, we know that quality service starts with happy employees. The know-how and well-being of our cleaners are the starting point for all our activities. We aim to create an environment where employees want to stay with us for a long time.

Are you looking for a meaningful job?

meets cleanliness

Each day and each cleaning session offers us an opportunity to take responsibility for the environment. This commitment to environmental values is reflected in ongoing efforts to reduce our carbon footprint. We recycle waste, use refilling packages and use public transport whenever possible. We want to minimize our carbon footprint also by using eco-friendly detergents that support the well-being of our customers, employees and the environment.

See what our happy customers tell about us

Jonna Aalto

“Highly recommend this company for permanent contracts or to temporary needs! We have received such good service ourselves and after each visit felt that we just can´t live without their service anymore. Have had other companies in the past and now found THE one we want to continue with. 5* work – Thank You, Wash Up!”

Kirsi Sasi

“Already the first home cleaning made an impression. The cleaner was very nice and professional. We have had bad experiences with cleaning services in the past, so we have become a little skeptical about purchasing the service. But we were really happy with her work, it was absolutely wonderful to start the week in the shiny clean home.”

Kathrin Deter

“We’ve been with Wash Up for a couple of years now, and have been thoroughly happy with the experience – from the cleaning job itself which is always done with great care and attention to detail, to the customer service which is always very helpful and kind. I appreciate the flexibility and trust a lot! Couldn’t recommend them more!”

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